How many hours can l wear contact lenses?

How many hours can l wear contact lenses ? 

How many hours can l wear contact lenses?

How many hours can l wear contact lenses? 

Contact lenses is not to be overused it may complications of damage of eyes. The time it takes to use contact lenses should not exceed ten to twelve hours a day. If you use this much time, your eyes will not be harmed in any way.   Excessive use of contact lenses can be very harmful to your eyes. Due to over use eyes became Dryness, Hypoxia, redness, corneal abrasion, neovascularisation, etc.

There are certain limitations to using contact lenses that may vary from person to person. 

Who cannot wear contact lenses ?

People who can't use contact lenses have an eye infection already, or their eyes are already dry, or their eyes are always red, or they have an eye infection but not Recover. 

Some people may have contact lens allergies or may be allergic to contact lens solutions, may not use contact lenses.

Is a contact lens that settles on your cornea. And cornea does not have an oxygen supply from the interior, And wearing contact lenses reduces the oxygen supply to the cornea and makes the cornea and your eye red due to dryness. So People who have dryness problems should not use contact lenses

Can i wash my face with contact lens ? 

You cannot wash your face with contact lens on. If you do, you will cause fungal infections and bacterial infections in your eyes. Because While washing your face, tap water gets into your eyes. 

Sometimes we rub our face so much that even if we rub our eyes, the contact lenses can cause scratches on our cornea and even damage our eyes.

Normally when we wash our face we use soap or whatever the face wash like but soap imprint once the stickiness on the contact lens So it doesn't go away and you have to throw away your contact lenses. Because its causes reaction to your eyes.

You can't spray water on your face, but you can wipe your face with a light hand. So it will not harm your eyes in any way. 

Can i swim with contact lenses ?

Do not swim with contact lenses, Once you dive into the water, your contact lenses can be misplaced in the water, and if there are any bacteria or fungus in the water, it can cause a serious eye infection.

Some people get an infection even if they get wet with just plain eyes while wearing contact lenses their risk increases. 

I don't think anyone is swimming even with contact lenses, if anyone is doing that they should stop there.

Water is stored in the swimming pool and you are not sure how many days it changes? And stored water contains a lot of bacteria, fungi and many other bacteria that can harm your eyes. If there are not contact lens in the eyes, you can wipe your eyes properly and dry them its reduce chances of infection, but if you have contact lenses, you can't get too much or dry your eyes too much.

Can i take 20 minutes nap with contact lenses in ? 

With contact lenses, you can take nap for ten to twenty minutes, but not more than that, because too much can lead dryness to your eyes.

This ratio is not the same for every person. It can be less in some people and more in others.

If you are a contact lens user then we are giving you a personal comment that don't sleep and take nap while wearing contact lenses.

We would like to tell you that sleeping with contact lenses causes eye problems hypoxia (dryness) and neovascularization.

Can i shower with contact lenses ? 

You cannot shower with contact lenses. Do not bathe with contact lenses as we generally use shampoo or soap while bathing. This can lead to chemical reactions in your eyes or an eye infection by tap water, and once the soapy patches fall on your lens, the spots will not go away. You will never be able to use those contact lens, instead you will have to get new contact lens. 

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