Is it safe to use contact lens everyday?

Is it safe to use contact lens everyday ? 

The thought that comes in everyone's mind is that wearing contact lenses damages the eyes? There is a fear of some infection. Some of our friend or relatives have said that contact lens damages the eyes, so today in this blog we will talk about the same topic, is that true or false? 

Can wearing contact lenses everyday damage your eyes? Is it OK to wear contacts everyday?

When I asked this same question on the internet, many people had asked the same question. So he made me feel like I should make a blog on this topic. 

Is it safe to use contact lens everyday ? 

  Do contact lenses damage your eyes? I will answer, Contact lenses do not damage the eyes, but it depends on how use them? If you take good care of it, then none of its upset will happen to you. Just use it proper way. 
Do not use overtime, it's best to used 11-12 hours in a day, I will also recommend you don't use contact lenses daily for long time. Over used of contact lenses may cause of damage your eyes. 

Contact lenses are the placed on the cornea in our eyes. The contact lens thickness is much thinner so it does not cause much discomfort to the eyes. 

Wearing contact lenses for the First time. 

When you use contact lenses for the first time, there is a slight discomfort in the eyes, as if there is some dirt in the eyes. Tears come out of the eyes, the eyes become red, so you do not feel comfortable at all. This discomfort only for 1-2 days in some People its take 2-4 days. But when you get used to it, you don't feel anything. 

Another important thing is that when you want to use contact lenses, be sure to consult a contact lens practitioner or an eye doctor. as they tell you the instruction, you should use the lens so that you don't get harm anything.

Is contact lens safe for eyes ?

I would like to tell you that contact lenses do not harm the eyes but it all depends on how well you use contact lenses. If you are already using contact lenses, you need to know exactly what to look for. 

Care and maintenance of contact lens

  • Contact lenses should be cleaned properly by liquid before and after installation. 
  • Use a good contact lens solution you can go for Renu/Biotrue/Optifree.
  • Contact lenses should not be washed with tap water. 
  • If your contact lens kit is not clean frequently. May there is a risk of infection. 
  • Don't sleep with contact lenses. If you do, your eyes will be deprived of oxygen and your eyes will become red. due to lack of oxygen, the eye becomes dry and the contact lens sticks to the eye.
  • If you are driving two wheeler with contact lenses, it is imperative to wear sunglasses or transparent goggles. 
  • your fingernails are not overgrown, during wearing contact lenses can cause eye injury. 
  • Check their expiration before using contact lenses Do not use expired contact lenses. 
  • Change your contact lenses routinely, do not use a single contact lens over its period.
  • Do not use contact lenses used by others. 

Is contact lenses better than eyeglasses ? 

There are some limitations between both glasses and contact lenses, To put it bluntly, glasses are better than contact lenses because there is a risk in contact lenses and no risk in spectacles.
But spectacles also have some limitations. 

If a patient has a high number of cylindrical power, you cannot use the spectacles in that patient. Also call keratoconus, in that case we need to use contact lens.

We cannot use contact lenses as comfortable as we can wear glasses because we have to be very hygienic in contact lenses.

I think glasses are good because of the low limitations on the glasses and the high limitations on the contact lenses.

Whats are the risks of wearing Contact lenses ? 

The use of contact lens can sometimes lead to eye infections. If left untreated, it can turn into a major infection. 
If you feeling redness, irritation in eyes because of using contact lenses, So immediately stop using contact lenses and consult eye doctor for avoid further complications. 

Many people are also allergic to the contact lens Material. 

Can I Sleep with contact lenses ? 

No, you can't sleep with contact lenses, You can't even take nap for ten to fifteen minutes. Let me tell you why.
The contact lens is fixed to your eye on cornea, it does not have oxygen supply from inside, it is taking oxygen from the environment and because it is a contact lens, it already has low supply of oxygen. 

 During sleep the eyelids are completely closed, so the cornea do not get oxygen, so the dryness comes to the eye, we call it hypoxia, so the eye becomes very red, and sometimes even the contact lens can catch your eye.

There may complications of corneal neo-vascularisation. 

When we are not sleep our eyelid blink continuously due to this tears are Spread in eye thoroughly this activity wet the whole eyeball. 

Hope you will get clear. 

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