Optometry MCQ Quiz - 1 question and answers

Optometry MCQ Quiz test - 1

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1. Posterior segment of the eyeball includes structures present posterior to the:

⭕A. Posterior surface of the lens and zonules 
⭕B. Iris and pupil 
⭕C. Vitreous body 
⭕D. Anterior surface of the lens and zonules  

2. Radius of curvature of the anterior surface of an adult crystalline lens with accommodation at rest 

⭕A. 7 mm 
⭕B. 10 mm 
⭕C. 8 mm 
⭕D. 9 mm 

3. The lens bres meet around the Y-shaped sutures in which part of nucleus of the crystalline lens: 

⭕A. Embryonic nucleus 
⭕B. Fetal nucleus 
⭕C. Infantile nucleus 
⭕D. All of the above

4. The layer of the cornea once destroyed does not regenerate is: Epithelium Bowman’s membrane Descemet’s membrane All of the above Required 

5. Which is a sweat gland: 

⭕A. Gland of Moll 
⭕B. Gland of Zeis 
⭕C. Mebomian gland 
⭕D. All of the above 

6. Weight of an adult eyeball is: 

⭕A. 7 g 
⭕B. 9 g 
⭕C. 11 g 
⭕D. 13 g

7. Schwalbe’s line forming part of the angle of anterior chamber is the end of: 

⭕A. Sclera 
⭕B. Descemet’s membrane of cornea 
⭕C. Anterior limit of trabecular meshwork 
⭕D. Posterior limit of trabecular meshwork 

8. Smallest diameter of the eyeball is: 

⭕B. Horizontal 
⭕C. Anteroposterior 
⭕D. More than 24 mm 

9. Anterior segment of the eyeball includes structures lying in front of the.. 

⭕A. Iris 
⭕B. Crystalline lens 
⭕C. Vitreous body 
⭕D. Cornea

10. Adult size of the cornea is attained by the age of 

⭕A. 2 years 
⭕B. 3 years 
⭕C. 5 years 
⭕D. 9 years

11. Circumference of an adult eyeball is: 

⭕A. 80 mm 
⭕B. 65 mm 
⭕C. 75 mm 
⭕D. 70 mm 

12. In a normal adult person the depth of anterior chamber in the centr 

⭕A. 2.5 mm 
⭕B. 3 mm 
⭕C. 3.5 mm 
⭕D. 4 mm 

13. The youngest lens bres are present in: 

⭕A. Central core of the lens nucleus 
⭕B. Outer layer of the nucleus 
⭕C. Deeper layer of the cortex 
⭕D. Superficial layer of the cortex Required 

14. Diameter of an adult crystalline lens is: 

⭕A. 5–6 mm 
⭕B. 7–8 mm 
⭕C. 9–10 mm 
⭕D. 11–12 mm 

15. Thickness of the adult crystalline lens is about: 

⭕A. 2.5 mm 
⭕B. 3.5 mm 
⭕C. 4.25 mm 
⭕D. 5 mm

16. Volume of an adult eyeball is: 

⭕A. 7.5 mL 
⭕B. 6.5 mL 
⭕C. 5.5 mL 
⭕D. 8 mL 

17. Infantile nucleus of the crystalline lens refers to the nucleus developed 

⭕A. 3 months of gestation to till birth 
⭕B. Birth to one year of age 
⭕C. Birth to puberty 
⭕D. One year of age to 3 years of age

18. Capsule of the crystalline lens is thinnest at:
⭕A. Anterior pole 
⭕B. Posterior pole 
⭕C. Equator 
⭕D. None of the above

19. All of the following are true about corneal endothelium except: 

⭕A. Cell density is about 3000 cells/mm2 at birth 
⭕B. Corneal decompensation occurs when cell count is decreased by 50 percent 
⭕C. Endothelial cells contain active pump mechanism 
⭕D. Endothelium is best examined by specular microscopy Required 

20. Anteroposterior diameter of normal adult eyeball is: 

⭕A. 25 mm 
⭕B. 24 mm 
⭕C. 23.5 mm 
⭕D. 23 mm

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