Mobile eye test : Check your eyesight online at home

Mobile online eye test 6/6

Test your eyesight online at home

You can check your defective vision, Normal vision (6/6), Distance vision, Near vision, Colour vision, abnormal eye sight, Central eye sight, and peripheral eye sight at home with the help of your android phone.

Test your eyesight online at home

Test your eye power online

Eye power : Power glasses require to correction of eye sight. You can able to check your eye power online with our online eye examination test. 

You just have to check the all test if you able to see all test then you do not have any refractive power, if you facings issues during test when you have need to wear corrective eye wears for vision improvement.

Check your colour vision online

Colour vision test for to check the ability of eye to distinguish different colour. Some person have Colour blindness they can't see the some or total color.

This test is very important for medical check up in army, driver, wireman, and more. You can check colour vision test at home online through your mobile.

Online colour test if you able to read all plate of colour then you are normal, but if you not then you have Colour vision problem. 

If you not able to read all plate properly then you need to contact nearest ophthalmic officer, optometrist, ophthalmologist, eye doctors for more information about your vision.

Check online Colour vision

Online eye test list

Following all test can do at online at home.

1. Distance vision test

2. Near vision test

3. Central vision test

4. Peripheral vision test

5. Colour vision test

6. Glare test

7. Contrast sensitivity test

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