Can optometrist open clinic for eye treatment?

Optometrist can open clinic ?

Yes, optometrist can open eye clinic for examination of eye diseases and give the better treatment like correction of visual acuity, correction of refractive error but they not provide any medical and surgical treatment except some medications. He can diagnose all ocular disease as optometrist skill and knowledge.

Optometrist can open eye clinic ?

 He open eye care centre at villages with highly advanced equipment like slit lamp auto refractometer lensometer retinoscopy pupillometer and various eye instrument use for examination of eye and are required to diagnose various condition of eye diseases.

The main role of optometrist is the visual problem correction. He correct the your problem with the help of spectacle lenses and contact lenses.

Optometrist is the primary Health care worker, give the treatment and eye health education to the the patient.

Optometrist can open vision check up clinic and optical shop for better correction of the patient visual acuity and provide there quality of vision with product quality.

Optometrist using various eye instrument and he check up patient visual acuity on the snellen chart for distance vision and near vision.

He also eating slit lamp and auto refractometer for examination and checking the refractive status of the eye.

Optometrist can diagnose and treat various refractive status of the eye like myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, astigmatism.

Retinoscopy is one of the most commonly used instrument by the optometrist to correction of the visual acuity and provide the prescription power to patient.

Optometrist is a very well trained person to diagnose Eye diseases at primary level and if any emergency or any eye surgeries detect then he refer to patient ophthalmologist and higher centre for more better treatment and any ocular surgery.

Decrease the blindness due to cataract the optometrist is perform very important role in in reducing the backlog of cataract blindness. Because the optometry sees one of the person to diagnose the cataract at villages or in rural areas.

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