What is meaning hypotony of eye ?

What is meaning hypotony of eye ?

Hypotony of eye means the deacrease the intraocular pressure (IOP) below normal limit is called as hypotony of eye. The normal intraocular pressure is 10 to 21 mmHg. Hypotony occures when the IOP goes down below 10mmHg. Some time hypotony leads to deacrease and loss of vision. Hypotony leads to problems when IOP deacrease below 5 mmHg.

What is meaning hypotony of eye ?

What are the causes of hypotony ?

There are various causes of hypotony of eye some causes explained below.

The most common cause are a post-operative surgical wound leak lead to surgical hypotony. It's occure in cataract surgery. hypotony after cataract surgery due to incision not closed. hypotony after vitrectomy, hypotony after trabeculectomy, hypotony after silicone oil removal, hypotony after glaucoma surgery.

Perforated injury of cornea lead to leaking the corneal wound cause decease the IOP and get traumatic hypotony. Corneal hypotony occur in corneal perforated injury.

Chronic inflammation of eye also leads hypotony of eye. Inflammation of uvea like, irididocyclities, iritis.

Retinal detachment also cause the hypotony of eye. It is also often associated with detachment of the choroid (the layer of the eye lying between the retina and sclera) and shallowing of the anterior chamber (the front inner part of the eye).

What are symptoms of hypotony of eye ? 

How is hypotony treated ?

Treatment of hypotony is mostly important when it is related with vision loss problem. Hypotony may be cured with a variety of procedure, depending on the cause.

Post-surgical leaks may be repaired by a variety of techniques.

 This can include patching, placement of an oversized contact lens, injection of blood to promote scarring, various suturing techniques, drainage of fluid external to the choroid, or using a special kind of substance (called viscoelastics) that helps reshape the front inner part of the eye (the anterior chamber) if it has become shallow.

 Chronic inflammation can be treated with topical and/or systemic corticosteroids.

 A retinal detachment can be surgically repaired.

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